NEW ARTIST: Ramsey Thornton

NEW ARTIST: Ramsey Thornton

We are pleased to announce that Ramsey Thornton has joined the La Honda Records roster of artists.

We heard Ramsey Thornton’s music by accident. One of those days, coming off a long week of humdrum grinds, clock in and out, rinse and repeat, when at the bottom of a rabbit hole, we overheard something so pure and so special it lifted us up and out of the dark.

There’s an energy to good writing, an energy to good voices, that most artists can tap into, wane through in their careers to make music people enjoy. Then there are artists who live in that energy intrinsically. For La Honda Records these are the types of artists that keep us invested in what we do. Ramsey Thornton is one of those artists.

From his conversational, introspective lyrics, to his intricate rhythms and rhymes, Ramsey is an artist full of the authentic energy the songwriter renaissance needs. His musicality rises above the beating of guitar strings and belting of voices. He invites you into his world with compassion for the overheard and a penchant to listen.

We are proud to welcome him today to La Honda Records, and we cannot wait to share new music with you soon.

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