Tulsa Fingerpicker of the Songwriter Renaissance





    Ramsey Thornton – Artist Bio

    Tulsa, Oklahoma songwriter Ramsey Thornton is just getting started. His introspective and conversational lyricism mark his welcome to the burgeoning songwriter renaissance. An immediate and gentle warmth in his voice propelled his cover of Paul Simon’s “Graceland” to Spotify’s playlist Bluegrass Covers.

     However, it is not only in the lyrics, where Ramsey says he “takes note of the overheard,” but in the intricate compositions that accompany them. “Fingerpicking banjo and guitar is central to all of my songs. I pay close attention to rhythmic intricacy,” he said of the music he writes to induce the words. Adding, “Most of the time a guitar or banjo part will come first.” 

     His introduction to music began at an early age with the drums, and he became a multi-instrumentalist in his late teens. At 26 years-old, Ramsey has been writing songs now for a few years, releasing his self-titled EP in 2022. With influences from Nick Drake to Neil Young and Paul Simon, Thornton’s style is decorated with a fun and earnest spirit, turning even the everyday into a touching, beautiful experience. 

     “I often use songwriting as a tool to draw out subconscious thoughts—helps me sort out the things heavy on my mind, even if they’re hanging out in the background,” he said about the songs he writes. Currently his debut EP and some choice covers are available for streaming everywhere. Ramsey signed to La Honda Records in July 2024 with promises of new music. More information can be found at RamseyThorntonMusic.com