Vincent Neil Emerson

Vincent Neil Emerson’s bio reads like a country song sounds. Small town, poverty, and struggle abound, but he says it best in his song “The Bad Side of Luck,” from his Fried Chicken and Evil Women album debut “I came out clean. There ain’t too much I regret. But it’s a wonder I ain’t the meanest son of a bitch you ever met.”

Emerson’s lyrics are thick, joyful and heartbreaking turns of phrase, lines that stick with audiences from first listen. Take for instance the highly identifiable lyric “I want to be a bottle on the top shelf, covered up in dust. No they won’t be able to afford me. They won’t have enough,” from fan favorite track, “Letters on the Marquee.”

Such ear-worm lyrics, sung in Emerson’s classic country tone, make the promise of a fresh new voice meant to stay. And it’s no surprise either, Emerson laid down his musician’s gauntlet after leaving his little hometown of Myrtle Springs, TX, earning his living in honky tonks all across the state. Having toured nationally with contemporary hot tickets such as Charley Crockett and Colter Wall, things are just heating up for the young Vincent Neil Emerson